Custom Leather Holsters: We Will Let You Decide

You got a gun, you will need a leather holster. The market for holsters is increasing day by day. Though you can find holsters for most of your guns, be it 1911, Ruger or any other revolver, if you can’t find one, don’t get stressed, custom leather holsters are also available. Before buying a new holster, a few things have to be kept in mind. Read this article entirely, and you will have all the knowledge about holsters.

Choose the best material

There are mainly three materials with which holsters are manufactured, Kydex, leather and nylon. Out of the three, people generally consider leather the best material for the holster. If some other materials suit you well, you should go with your choice. Reviews tell that Kydex is tough, and not very comfortable. Be careful while buying Kydex holsters, though they are cheap, if you find a Kydex holster too cheap, it may be plastic, so you must be able to differentiate between a real Kydex and a fake one. Even good quality Kydex can be under your budget.

Leather, on the other hand, may not be within your budget, custom leather holsters provide comfort and durability at their best. A custom leather holster, is considered a one-time investment if it is taken care of properly. No doubt, that you might need to take extra care of a leather holster, but it is worth every penny and effort. Take a look at the last option, which is a nylon holster. They will be under your budget. Drawing a gun out of a nylon holster can be very quiet.

But the thing with nylon holsters is that they may not last long, and reviews about the comfort of nylon holsters are not so positive.

Another thing that matters is the position. There are five fundamental positions for a holster. The outside the waistband, inside of the waistband, pocket holster, ankle holster, and shoulder holsters. Each of them has its pros and cons. Position largely determines which material you should use. Speaking on behalf of the majority, people like outside the waistband and inside the waistband most. It is effortless to draw from and put your gun to use from these positions.

Kirkpatrick custom leather holsters

If you have been roaming around for a holster and still can’t find one, Kirkpatrick leather is the stop for you. They provide genuine leather holsters with a wonderful finish for almost all your guns. Do not worry if you are unable to find a holster, they provide custom leather holsters.

They have spent 50 years doing the same work, now you can imagine the excellence their products will be having. Gorgeous, thoughtful, and practical holsters. You just need to put your demand forward and let them do the rest. They make many holsters every single day, they are the masters of this field, you will just be astonished if you saw their leather holsters, especially custom leather holsters. You don’t have to wait here, go immediately and check their website and feel free to order as much as you want, the prices are so generous and reasonable that you would want 2 3 holsters to be made at a time.