Custom Printed Boxes for Business Purposes

Most of us are not aware of this fact that just how important are customized printed boxes for promotion of business. If you were to discuss the definition of customized printed boxes then they would essentially be defined as customized boxes with some generic high quality offset printing applied on them. So, what exactly are these boxes and what are their uses? The answer is fairly simple, these boxes are very good marketing products for your business due to their cheap prices and eye-catching designs and prints. These boxes are manufactured by using generic inks on metals like aluminum, steel, cardboard, wood etc.

There are many uses for custom packaging in business. They can be used for sending out promotional mails or letters. Apart from this they are also used for promotional purposes during festivals, conferences or any other big events and gathering. These boxes are ideal for carrying products and other commodities as well. They can carry gift items as well as personal belongings.

Another major use of these packaging boxes is the manufacturing of counterfeit merchandise. This happens when someone manufactures a counterfeit or a fake branded product using some generic product packaging materials and then wraps it using a very attractive design and print and advertises it as a “new and improved” item. People buying such over stamped cardboard goods are more likely to believe it and even think that the item is original.

Most of the times these printed boxes are produced by using off-the-shelf cardboard stock. They are then coated with various coatings to make them more appealing to the eyes. This allows the printing company to produce very attractive custom packaging printing that attracts the customer’s attention. After the coating process is done, the box is made waterproof and hence suitable for using in varied situations. They are also resistant from acid and other foreign material that may attack them during the transit.

If the manufacturing process is done carefully, you can get some really good quality packaging printing done on these cardboard counters. There are two ways in which you can have your counters printed. The first way is by direct ink printing; wherein the surface of the counter is coated with ink and after getting dried, you can have it printed directly onto the cardboard. The drawback with this is that the counter is not reusable after the ink dries up and if it is used a lot then it may also start peeling.

The other way is through heat transfer. Here the design is printed on the cardboard and after getting dried, you can have it printed directly onto the boxes. Heat transfer gives you an option of having either the design fronted or fully back. In both cases, the boxes remain durable as they are made of cardboard. You can use these custom printed boxes to promote your business and you can give them away as corporate gifts. You can use these to store your personal stuff such as clothes, toys, shoes and so on.