Factors To Consider When Renovating Your Family Bathroom

When your family bathroom looks old and tired and needs a makeover, there are many factors to consider when planning its renovation. You must ensure you utilise all the space available and create a functional bathroom for your family that also looks fantastic. There are various factors you must consider when designing your bathroom to ensure it is practical and up to the job, and you can find some of these listed below to help you get started transforming your family bathroom.

Strip It Right Back

It is a good idea to strip your bathroom right back when installing a new one, and you can take it back to the plaster and see if there are any problems with water or damp. When replacing the plasterboard in your bathroom, ensure you use high-quality bathroom plasterboard from workplaceinteriorshop.co.uk, which is able to deal with the high moisture content and humidity.

The Flooring For Your Bathroom

You can consider installing underfloor heating for your family bathroom, which will help ensure that it is nice and warm during winter. You may also want to change the vinyl floor traditionally found in many bathrooms in the UK and instead tile it and turn it into a wet room. It is much easier to keep clean when it is a wet room, and it does not matter when having a bath or shower if the floor gets wet.

Bathroom Storage

You also need to ensure sufficient storage in your bathroom, which will help keep it looking tidy. You can hang a medicine cabinet on the wall, which will help store some items, but you may also need more space to keep cleaning items, towels, toilet paper, and other things kept in your bathroom.

Ensure Adequate Ventilation

You must also ensure that your bathroom has adequate ventilation, and it may be an idea to increase the window size. Doing this can allow you to open the window further to let in lots of fresh air and increase the natural light you get in it. If it is impossible to install a larger window, you should have an extractor fan that can help with ventilation when using the bathroom and reduce humidity and bad smells from the toilet.

Designing The Layout

You must also consider the layout of your bathroom and select a design that will suit you and your family. You can ask yourself if you need a bath and whether you and your family can make do with only a shower, which will give you much more space to play with when designing the layout. Ensure your bathroom contains everything you need, and it is not too cramped, and you can help create the perfect family bathroom for your home, bath or not.

The Bathroom Lights

You should also consider the lighting for your bathroom, and one of the most common types of lights used are spotlights. You can position these where you want them, so you have light in the places where it is important, and you want to use LED lighting, which is energy-efficient and costs less to run than traditional lighting options.