Moving outside Toronto?

In the past year, many people have started considering moving outside Toronto. The pandemic has led to numerous changes when it comes to the lifestyle and the overall needs of people. Not only the streets are overcrowded, but living in Toronto keeps getting more expensive every year. This is why more and more people are moving outside Toronto, to smaller and more affordable places. And all the best movers in Toronto can confirm this. At Let’s Get Moving, we help relocate thousands of people every year.And from our experience, five cities are the most-wanted destinations for Torontonians, and we are here to explain why.

North York

With over one million people choosing it when moving outside Toronto, North York is the definition of diversity and inclusion. Infrastructure, schools, employment opportunities, and housing options are only a few of its strong points. As a company whose crews are recognized as being among the best movers in Toronto, we are hired for many moving jobs in North York. And the fact that people who lived in Toronto for many years are now moving to North York stopped being a surprise a while ago. Not only the city has a little something for everybody, but it keeps growing. Every year, the place is much better and more developed than the previous.


This place is the perfect choice if you want to live in a less crowded area, while at the same time being close to Toronto. Half an hour from the big city, this beautiful place is home to a little over 190,000 people. And the best part is that the lifestyle and the life pace are much more different here than in Toronto. So if you are looking for a cozy and welcoming city that will offer you that small-town feeling, this is it. Start looking for the best movers in Toronto, because this is a decision you will not regret. With Toronto half an hour from you, but with a peaceful and quiet environment, Oakville will almost seem too good to be true.


This might just be the best choice for people who wish to escape the city of Toronto. Whether you live alone or with a family, Guelph has everything you need, while also lacking the hectic traffic and the infinite restlessness of the big city. The house prices are much lower than in Toronto, and luckily, so is the price of living. As for the actual relocation, don’t worry. Even though Guelph is an hour from Toronto, your move will not end up costing a small fortune. Many of the best movers in Toronto, including Let’s Get Moving, have affordable hourly rates. So there will be no hole in your pocket after the move.


If a clean city with proper public transport, countless leisure time opportunities, and modern healthcare is what you are looking for, consider Vaughan your no. 1 option. Did we mention reasonable costs of living? Giving up Toronto for Vaughan is a choice most people thank themselves later for. And while the city has plenty of good schools and quite a lot of job opportunities, you still don’t have to give up on Toronto, if you don’t want to. You can move here and commute to Toronto, since the big city is only around half an hour away. Once you are in Vaughan, you will ask yourself how come you didn’t move there sooner. So call your best movers in Toronto today to inquire and book a move!


The largest suburb of Toronto, Mississauga, is also the second largest city in the Greater Toronto Area. While the Toronto vibe is still present and strong, you get some advantages if you decide to move here. Great infrastructure and amazing services are just two of them. And believe us, we are among the best movers in Toronto and we help relocate lots of people here every year. Mississauga is constantly developing, so moving here will bring you constant dynamism and growth. The costs of living here are quite high and so is the real estate, but we believe it really pays off. You get to decide for yourself, of course.

Toronto is definitely a great place to live in, but so are its suburbs and other cities around. Moreover, there are some advantages to choosing one of the latter instead of Toronto. It all depends on the kind of person you are and the priorities you have. You should make lists of pros and cons for each city you consider moving to. This will make the choice much easier. And, in case you don’t like it there after you move, you can always call the best movers in Toronto to help you out again.

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