The backdrops that you have to consider for your photography studio

When thinking about photography studio equipment, you need to think about backdrops.  It refers to the backgrounds which are normally what creates a consistent and clean look for your images. It pays thinking hard about them. Getting a backdrop collection for your photograph studio might take quite a lot of money from your budget.

You need to think about the various scenarios in photography that you are going to be doing in your studio and the color which will suit the results that you require.  There are some few options when it comes to the type of backdrops which you can buy:

  • Canvas
  • Muslin
  • Cotton or even an old bed sheet might do
  • Seamless paper


It is known to be a lightweight, very versatile photography backdrop. It is normally utilized in the portrait photography.  It doesn’t wrinkle quite easily like the other type of backdrops for photography. It is easy to be stored in your studio for photography or even while transporting when you go for outside shooting.

Muslin comes in various sizes like any other backdrops and costs do vary depending on the size. If you are starting out in investing in a studio, or you are looking out to build your backdrop collection, it is recommended that you buy something that has a standard color. You can try out brown and black or go for off white when looking for the mid-range size.

The good thing when it comes to muslin backdrop is it will last longer if you happen to take good care of it. They are likely going to serve you in the photography studio for many years to come.


The backdrops of canvas are known to be durable as well as of high quality and are normally ones which offer details that are quite fantastic. They are what the painters use when painting rooms in the house or when they want to protect the furniture or the floor.

But canvases are more expensive when you compare them to muslin. That is why it might not be the go to choice for most photographers. If you are the kind who likes DIY, you can look for plain canvas which is inexpensive from the hardware store, get some paint and design yours.

The good thing when you are DIY canvas is that,, you can be able to customize them as per your brand and photography style. You will get a unique backdrop and product.

Seamless paper

Some photographers prefer this type of backdrop for use because they feel that it produces a more cleaner feel and look in their photos. If you are the type who like keeping things simple and no excessive edits in posts, then it could be one for you. it offers a flat, crisp color profile for the background. There are minimal chances of creasing or wrinkling as compared to canvas and muslin.

With canvas and muslin, you might find that, at times, the texture and the crease would look great to the eye but it will look off when observed in the actual photo. It means that, you will have to spend several hours doing edits, something that you will not do when you use the seamless paper.