Top 3 Factors that might affect your Prepaid Card

Your FICO assessment shows whether you have a background marked by monetary solidness and mindful credit of the executives. Their assessment can go from 300 to 850. Because of the data in your credit document, significant credit offices order this score, otherwise called the FICO score. Here are the components that make up your score and how much weight every perspective conveys.

If you are ardent with your prepaid card score, then this article has nailed it down for you. You’ll learn not only the paradigm of credit card score but visualize with the FISCO score altogether. Still reading, let’s unearth what can make your core shot or lower;

  1. Your Installment History
  2. Sums Owed
  3. Duration of Credit History

Your Installment History

There would one say one is key inquiry banks have on their brains when they give somebody cash: Will they return the money?

The main segment of your financial assessment takes a gander at whether you can be trusted to reimburse reserves that are advanced to you. This part of your score thinks about the accompanying elements:

Have you covered your tabs on schedule for each record on your credit report? Paying late negatively affects your score. Have your records been shipped off assortments? This is a warning to potential banks that you probably won’t take care of them

Sums Owed

So you may make every one of your installments on schedule, however, consider the possibility that you’re going to arrive at a limit.

Credit card scoring considers your credit usage proportion, which quantifies how much obligation you have contrasted with your accessible credit limits. This second most significant part takes a looks at the accompanying variables:

What amount of your all-out accessible credit have you utilized? Less is good, however owing a tad can be superior to owing nothing at all since banks need to see that on the off chance that you get cash, you are dependable and monetarily stable enough to take care of it.

Duration of Credit History

Your FICO assessment likewise considers how long you have been utilizing credit. For how long have you had commitments? How old areyou arethe most established record and what is the normal age of every one of your records?

The long record of loan repayment is useful if it’s not defaced by late installments and other negative things, however, a short history can be fine too insofar as you’ve made your installments on schedule and don’t owe excessively.

This is the reason individual budget specialists consistently suggest leaving MasterCard accounts open, regardless of whether you don’t utilize them any longer.

The record’s age without anyone else will help support your score. Close you’re most established record and you could see your general score decrease


If you want your credit card to be safe, you must be well conversant with the duration of your credit history, the amount of money in your account, and your installment history among others.